Heygarth's Mini Homeless Angels 2016-2017

Miss Blake has begun a group after school each Friday with the sole aim of providing meals for Wirral's homeless. The group of Year 4 and  5 children meet every Friday to plan the meals, compile the shopping lists and  once a month will cook 25 hot meals and deserts and once a month prepare sanwhiches for 30 homeless people. Miss Blake will then deliver the meals to Wirral's Homeless and Cat and Robyn who run the Homeless group will take the meals to the night shelter in Birkenhead for them to be distributed.

The group have been very lucky to be offered financial backing from a local businessman Michael Gould who is going to pay for the ingredients each month. 

The children have begun the process of  planning the meals and  deciding on the recipes and the shopping list. Miss Blake will  go shoppping this week  and the first cook will happen on Friday 10th February.

The Homeless of Wirral  are growing in numbers due to the current financial climate and as well as needing to be provided with hearty filling meals they also need socks, underwear, gloves and  cereal / energy bars. Each month we will make a request for donations and Miss Blake will have a donations box in her room. Anything you can spare will be gratefully received and very much appreciated. 

Showing our children a way to be charitable, caring and compassionate at such a young age is something we believe strongly in at Heygarth.

We are extremely proud of the children who have decided to give up an hour and a half of their time each week to help those less fortunate than themselves they epitomise the pupils we have here at Heygarth.

Please check the school Twitter Page @HeygartPS and @HelloHeroes for pictures. A twitter page will be set up for the Heygarth Mini Homeless Angels soon.

Friday 10th February:

The Heygarth Mini Homeless Angel's completed their first cook tonight.

The children from year 4 and 5 worked really hard and in an hour and a half they prepared and packed 30 packed lunches, chopped 4 onions, chopped 3 large punnets of mushrooms, cooked 64 sausages, peeled, chopped and boiled 10 pounds of potatoes, fried mushrooms, fried onions and cleaned up their mess.

The children were extremely sensible and with the support of Mrs Roberts, Miss Howell and Miss Blake they proved themselves to be hard working and community spirited role models for the school.

The preparation and sandwich making took an hour and a half so Miss Blake completed the cooking and portioning and making of the cakes at home before delivering the meals to Cat and Robyn from Wirral's Homeless at 10 pm on Friday night.

For the next cook we will start with desert and have a simpler main meal with less preparation.

It really is very heartwarming to see such young children with such empathy for those less fortunate than themselves and they should be extremely proud of the fact that 30 of Wirral's homeless were well fed on Friday night and Saturday day because of their hard work and kind hearts.

Well done all of you and thank you to the parents for allowing the children to be part of something so important.

Thank you also to our sponsor who funded the meals - Mr Michael Gould - it is lovely to have you as part of our team.