Sport Around the World Week

Over the course of the week, children researched and were taught about their specific sport. This included things such as:

  • Country the sport originated from

  • When it first start being played

  • Current rules (or rules when it first started)

  • Whether it adapted from another sport or had a different name (for example, netball was originally called women’s basketball)

  • History about the sport – Why did it originate?

  • Is it an Olympic sport? If so, who has the most medals?

  • Is it a professional sport? If so, who is the best team/nation/player?

  • Anything else you may wish to research that I haven’t mentioned

As well as researching their sport, each year group finished with an intra-competition, with Heygarth families competing against each other.

Some classes adapted their sport to suit children’s needs/age. For example, Year 1 had volleyball but we used a balloon instead of an actual volleyball. This made it a little easier and enjoyably for the children.