Foundation 1 Acorns


Miss L. Jackson- Class teacher
Mrs D. Rogers- Teaching Assistant
Mrs A. Williams- Teaching Assistant
Mrs K. Boyd- HLTA and PPA cover

Welcome to Foundation 1 Acorns!

"Let the adventure begin"

This is the first chapter of your child's school journey. Here is the class homepage, you will be able to access class information and view curriculum overviews here. 

Drop off/pick up arrangements

The times of our day in Foundation 1 are as follows:

Morning sessions


Afternoon sessions


All day sessions


Please could these drop off and pick up times be adhered to strictly. Staff have a very short lunchtime where they have to have their own lunch and set up the classroom for the next session. Thank you in advance!

 No child is to be collected by any person under the age of 16 under any circumstances.

Miss Jackson - Class teacher

Let me introduce myself! I am in my third year of teaching here at Heygarth Primary School, I have a passion for Early Years and thoroughly enjoy watching the children grow and develop as the year progresses. I am also the Forest School and learning outside of the classroom leader here at Heygarth Primary as outdoor learning is my passion. I love to explore the seasons with the children and thoroughly enjoy watching the children explore our Forest School area. I also love to sing! You will often find me singing nursery rhymes at the top of my lungs with the children! I can't wait for the fun and adventures that this year will bring. Outside of school I enjoy running, mountain walking, skiing and paddleboarding!

Mrs Rogers - Teaching Assistant

I have been a Teaching Assistant at Heygarth Primary within Early Years for approximately five years. I love to see those smiley little faces and watch them flourish as the year progresses. I have two children who are both taller than me now, how time flies! We really enjoy the outdoors and go hiking, cycling and on some occasions coasteering - not for the faint hearted! Working with your little darlings is a pleasure - thank you!

Labels! Labels! Labels!

We cannot stress enough how important it is to label your child's clothing and belongings! It makes life very difficult when trying to distinguish between 30 jumpers..all the same colour... when they have no names in them! 

Nursery Rhyme of the week!

Beginning in the next couple of weeks…every Wednesday we will be sending home "Nursery Rhyme of the week" for you to practise,enjoy and share with your child. We will then sing the Nursery Rhymes lots of times in school too!

Autumn Term 2019

All of the children have now started their Heygarth Primary School journey with us. We are looking forward to the term ahead and seeing where the children’s learning interests will take us! Below is a copy of our curriculum overview, we always use the children’s interests to guide us as to how the curriculum will be delivered.