Our Maths Curriculum

Our Intent

At Heygarth Primary School, we envision that our school prepares pupils with the confidence and resilience to tackle mathematical problems independently to function in a mathematical world.

Maths lessons empower pupils to explore and challenge mathematical ideas they encounter. Maths is an integral part at Heygarth Primary, with pupils accessing cross-curricular opportunities regularly to apply their skills. These opportunities are fluid and invoked by the pupils, as pupils are taught to be inquisitive. This should overlay subject content seamlessly.

The use of thorough assessment is used on a regular basis. This is done in a number of ways, from daily formative assessment to formal summative testing. Regular interventions take place to ensure no child is left behind. Teaching of the highest standard is encouraged by regular sessions in which good practice is shared between staff.

Our pupils secure their understanding and competency through engaging, progressive mathematical content that is presented in visual, kinaesthetic and technology-based formats. Communication is at the heart of lessons with pupils leading discussion, whilst teachers effectively facilitate worthwhile conversation. To prepare pupils to be efficient, effective mathematicians, a deep understanding of number sense, arithmetic skill and reasoning is promoted throughout their education. Exploring mathematics is exciting, inspiring and impacts the future of our pupils.

Maths No Problem

Children from Year 1 to Year 6, follow Maths No Problem. Foundation Stage follow a Singapore style approach, introducing them to key concepts which will be used in Year 1. Maths No Problem is a great way for children to understand basic principles in maths and to develop their mathematical reasoning and problem solving skills. Regardless of age, children are encouraged to use concrete materials to help with their understanding. They will then complete an independent journal reflecting on what they have learnt during the lesson and then apply their knowledge to their workbook.

Children work with each other to discuss the mathematical problem and find solutions between themselves. This develops children’s curiosity and encourages all learners to think more independently.

If you would like to know more about how mathematics is taught at Heygarth Primary, please follow the link below to a tutorial about the fundamental points of the lesson: