At Heygarth, we believe that from the moment we are born, we instinctively use our senses to explore the world around us.  This curiosity and fascination about our surroundings is encouraged and developed on entering school to ensure all children develop a greater understanding of the peoples and cultures that inhabit our world.  This in turn, will lead children to gain a deeper respect for all aspects of the diverse planet we live on.  We want our children to be inquisitive, inspired and enthused and eager to ask questions about their immediate surrounding and those much further afield and to be able to identify similarities and differences between themselves and those from other cultures.

Our school aims to encourage children to develop a sense of environmental responsibility – not just locally but also globally.  Small tasks like collecting litter or turning lights off when leaving a room are just two examples of how the children take care of their immediate environment. From a very young age, the children are seeing the contributions they can make to protect our world.