Welcome to Heygarth Primary School

It is with great pleasure that I am writing to introduce myself to you, as the Headteacher of Heygarth Primary School.  Having been the Deputy Headteacher here for 6 years, I felt very privileged to be appointed to lead Heygarth as Headteacher from September 2015.  I was in the very fortunate position then of already knowing the children, staff, Governors and many of you already. If you are new to our school and I don’t already know, I very much look forward to meeting at the forthcoming events and meetings.   

I am extremely passionate about teaching: especially Mathematics and English and believe whole-heartedly that good relationships between teachers, staff, children and parents are fundamental to the success of any school and the progress of children.  Having taught right from Reception through to Year 6, I know how important each year is in preparing children for life and I hope to encourage independence so that they may know how to continually develop their own talents and strive to achieve the highest standards they can.  The education of your children – ensuring all of our children develop to their full potential, academically, socially and emotionally – is at the heart of all that I do.  I believe strongly that all children should enjoy learning, be actively engaged in learning and know what experiencing success looks and feels like so that they are then motivated, make consistent progress and have high expectations of what they can achieve so that they can succeed in their path through life.  

Personally, as a mother of two myself, I am aware of how difficult it can be at times and I want you to know, we are here to help and ensure your child excels through their readiness and enjoyment of learning here at Heygarth.  Family and community are extremely important to me and I look forward to developing close links with all of your families, supporting you in any way I can.  As you are the most important person in your child’s life, it is really important that we work together to support each other, to ensure that your child gets the best education possible. Through working together in partnership, we can understand your child’s needs fully and your child’s learning and achievement can be a celebrated collaboration between home and school.  Any thoughts and views on how we can all work together in a meaningful way are always welcome.

I very much look forward to working with you and sharing the journey your child takes through Heygarth Primary School.

Mrs Hazel Beamish (Headteacher)