The document below is an overview of our PSHE (Personal, Social & Health Education) and SEAL (Social & Emotional Aspects of Learning) curriculum.

Our whole school vision for PSHE is as follows:

At Heygarth, we envision a persistent and consistent commitment to being a mentally healthy school where relationships and communication are secure and are at the heart of teaching and learning.

PSHE is delivered to all children to enable them to learn and achieve together.  The provision of PSHE addresses social and emotional health on a regular basis, therefore a child’s basic needs are constantly under development and these needs underpin their cognitive growth.  Most aspects of PSHE are delivered through a cross-curricular approach to provide maximum impact on each child’s progress.  We believe that all behaviour will be seen as a form of communication.

Children are empowered to understand their own and each other’s worth and role in society.  Children will be supported to become respectful of each other’s emotions and beliefs, feelings and values.  They will be enabled to be reflective about their emotional health and understand how to seek help.  The 7 Heygarth ‘characteristics’ will be practised, taught and modelled by adults regularly (respect, readiness, courage, resilience, honesty, thoughtfulness and determination).