F2 (Reception) - Apple & Cherry

Welcome to Foundation 2: 2019 - 2020

Foundation 2 has 2 classes: 

Apples (Miss L. Blake)  and  Cherries (Miss C. Blake)

The staff in Foundation 2 are as follows:

Miss L. Blake - Class Teacher Assistant Head Teacher EYFS and KS 1
Miss C. Blake - Class Teacher
Mrs K. Boyd - Higher Level Teaching Assistant & PPA Cover

Mrs E Nilsen 1:1 TA

Mrs V Bell TA 2

The children access indoor and outdoor provision each and every day and can choose the activities that best suit them or interest them the most.

More focused teaching will begin on completion of the baseline assessments which will be towards the end of September. The children will then have a RWI phonics, literacy and maths session daily, alongside guided reading and outdoor provision.

Teacher led activities will be balanced with child initiated learning which will allow the staff to plan activities around ideas such as dinosaurs, superheroes, weddings, animals, construction and anything else that captures your child's imagination.

Once the children start school they will attend full time each day and stay for lunch - either packed lunch or school dinners.

Children will be expected to wear school uniform and black school shoes, any hair accessories need to be in school colours of grey, green and white.

Children will need a coat and spare clothing bag which needs to contain spare underwear, socks and uniform - all of which needs to be labelled. This bag remains in school on your child's peg.

Your child will be given a labelled water bottle that we will wash each evening and refill each morning. This will be sent home on a Friday afternoon to be washed thoroughly.

Children do not require a PE kit until the Spring term.

Contact phone numbers for you and emergency contact numbers must be provided and any medical conditions need to be explained to staff as soon as possible to ensure the safety of your child at all times.

During the first few weeks of school the children will be carrying out activities independently so that staff can ascertain their next steps in learning, until this is completed there will not be any homework or reading books sent home.

If you have any questions then please speak to staff after school.

We look forward to getting to know your child and you and beginning a great relationship between school in order to help to support your child on the first steps of their full time learning journey here at Heygarth Primary school.

Routines and Protocols

Drop off/pick up arrangements:

Children will be dropped off and collected from doors in F2 outdoor area.

  •          Miss C Blake– door to right hand side of outdoor area closest to Yr 2.

  •          Miss Blake – door at far end of outdoor area closest to Year 1.

The Foundation 2 gates will be unlocked each morning at 8.45 am and classroom doors will be opened at 8.50 am (During inclement weather gates will be opened at 8.40 and doors at 8.45 am).Teachers will be on the doors each morning and at the end of the day to welcome the children and to answer any brief questions. If you have more detailed questions then please arrange to speak to staff at the end of the day if possible.

Foundation 2 gates will be locked at 9 am and your child will be deemed late after this time and you will need to access school through the main entrance where you will be asked to sign your child in and they will then be taken to class by a member of the admin team.

The outdoor environment is set up daily as a learning area and we must ask you to ensure that your children do NOT play with any of the resources or climb on the equipment either at the beginning or the end of the day. The gates will be locked at the end of each school day so please do not wait in this area once you have collected your child.

 Collection procedures –

  • Please inform staff if someone other than yourself will be collecting your child.

  • Children under the age of 16 will not be permitted under any circumstances (unless extenuating circumstances are discussed and agreed upon with Mrs Beamish) to collect a pupil from Foundation 2.

  • If you are running late please attempt to let school know and we will remain with your child until your safe arrival.

  • At present the staff are doing their utmost to recognise the many faces of the adults that may collect children at the end of the day so we would appreciate your patience and understanding as it is imperative that we get each and every child to the correct adult.

  • I am sure you can appreciate that as a parent/carer you will only have to recognise a couple of staff members faces. However, as staff we need to learn to recognise considerably more, as we have up to 30 children in each class. Currently the end of the day process may take a little longer than you anticipated but it will soon become much quicker. Thank you for your understanding.

Lunchtime arrangements:

Children can have a school meal or bring a packed lunch – no nut based products please and please we are a health promoting school so please limit the number of sugary snacks in your child's lunch box.

If you wish for your child to swap their meal from either hot to packed or vice versa the office require a weeks notice so that the kitchen can adjust their food order. 

Children will need:

  •      To wear a school uniform – all labelled including shoes

  •     A coat – labelled

  •     Lunch box – if having packed lunch

  •    A labelled bag containing spare uniform and underwear – all labelled to remain in school.

We cannot express enough the importance of labelling everything.

Allergies/ medical conditions and collection arrangements:

Please speak to staff regarding any issues that are medical such as allergies or asthma.

If your child requires an inhaler please speak to Miss L Blake about forms for permission for use of an inhaler.

Any medical conditions – please speak to Miss L Blake with regards to an Individual Health Care Plan.

Homework: (This will start the week of the 23rd September)

  • Reading books will be changed once a week (on the child's reading group day)

  • Phonics homework will go home weekly on a Friday 

  • Writing and maths will go home on alternate weeks each Friday

  • All homework must be returned on a Wednesday. 

We will start to send home weekly homework on Friday 27th September. This will go home every Friday and we anticipate it being returned by the following Wednesday in order to give staff a chance to look at it and mark it.

Homework will alternate weekly between maths and literacy and occasionally an extra piece of phonics homework will be sent home.

The children will also have a reading book sent home each week - this will be expected to be in school daily but will only be changed once a week. 

Please write a comment in your child's reading record and on their homework sheet.

If you have any questions then please speak to Miss L Blake or Miss C Blake.

Below is a link to the website about our new phonics scheme Read Write Inc which may prove helpful to you in supporting your child.